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Friday, April 20, 2018

NGDCs. . Abiogenesis. . Missing Links of Virtual Punyas between the Basic Baskets and the Differing Doms ..

NGDCs .. Abiogenesis 2004201800.51..

Missing Links ..  the Virtual World Punyas .. between the Basket of Basics and the Differing Doms. .

He just sat there , brooding over what next..

Nothing that comes up seemed much enchanting ..

Rather a Democleaus Sword like something hanging over the head ..

Like the law against spreading rumours and gossips ..

Makes it difficult to break free into the horizons of fresh fun..

But then there is a saying "Discipline" is more a code that lets you fly higher and higher ..

Rather than limiting the one adhereing to it .. 

And upon this thinking came some fresh spirits .. 

But that something is not enough, and for a few more dollars ..

Thinking whether that Democleaus sword might be kept overhead for longer time ..

Rather than just a few more weeks of initial enthuse ..

If it's kept hanging further ..

With a probable rapture , how to evade the situation ..

With some good samaritan spirits and feel good factors ..

Can a made up song with some Fake memories could be enough .. 

Need not exactly  like any Bengal Tiger Movie theme plan acted by Ravi Teja..

But a kind of song of appeasement from Shajahanum Pareekkutteem. .

Cause girls usually said to refuse to fall for appeasers running after them with devotion..

So let's try this new Gyana Marga trick to evade that Sword of Democleaus ..

Until the sword of Democleaus is evaded .. 

So oh' my love do you remember those good old school days ..

When you and me were together in a School ..

You just got initiated into one specialisation and me to another faculty. .

And then we  got apart to develop our own skills ..

To learn our trades better .. but you never forgot me and meToo couldn't. .

We always had some healthy competitions ..

When I broke the good old traditional concepts in doing things ..

You had a dash into Us..

And from there on you never left..

Centuries just got flipped in some split seconds.. 

And you were leading that revolution with your Regimes ..

I was just made a spectator of the shows that you were having ..

And then one fine morning you came and said to me..

That you are going to be the Democleaus Sword over my head and noone else .. 

I had not thought of in those lines about you and was about to get another sword ..

In the form of a classic good old normal and regular poetry..

Without much surprises in stock, And then you intervened as a good old school mate..

Who started along with me in the same school , though in another faculty. .

And when you said to me to wait , I threw away the idea of other swords above  ..

Returned and Withdrawn like Rajat Kapoor in Agni Sakshi ..

You were having your dream runs, calling and waiting meToo to join you..

 Like the "I am waiting" dialogue of Vijay in Thuppakki. .

And I just evaded you hopping to come to you in Big Colours ..

As the Chatur bets to show off to Aamir in 3 idiots after 10 years ..

On how much he is earning and how high his position is compared to Aamir's ..

But when you came, I failed and you succeeded 

And then came to hang over my head for the past few years ..

Evading into Poetry is prudent , but I don't want to return your Churika too of Purikam..

In the Anuragakkalari.. I may not go by your wishes , whims and fancies always .. 

With some very stringent displinary boot camps .. 

Are you still sticking to your good old Vaadas. . 

Of your Venture ideas , Is that fire still upbeat even after all the reality checks..

I am not anymore trying to tap into your big wealth and other assets any more with any hook or crook .. 

My spirits for a one upmanship rat race seems to be dying down slowly ..

Neither Hypothetically nor Hypocritically nor with any lies nor with any truths 2oo perhapz .. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

NGDCs .. Part 9 - Gloskrutham Story 4 Vedas and 6 Shastras .. The differing Dom and the Basics ..

[19/04 11:14] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

 NGDCs.. 4 Vedas 6 Shastras, Gloskrutham Addendum Story - Part 9 .. 

With the latest findings on Flat Earth Theories and the Ground Realities, the previous "8nte pani" kind of Part- 8 of the story is now modified with the fresh new revelations .. Ultimately everything could be manifestations of God only including the errors and lies too as some gappners with some 8nte Panies .. 

Maybe in a No Result Oriented fashion to get out of such a gap, maybe a slightly hypocritical solution is found out now by terming Bhakthi as more of a kind of Sama Vedic principle of Thatwamasi MahaVakya with Shaktheya and Sauram religious principles as its  ingredients more with the latest findings ..  Rather than considering Yajur Vedic Principle as "Bhakthi" as stated in the previous part - 8  story,  "ViRaga" principles seem to suit the Yajur Veda principle more rather than Bhakthi principle  stated earlier .. And the constituents of Yajur Vedic principles are now on shall be considered more as a combination Shaiva and Vaishnavic religious principles more with the MahaVakya of Aham Brahmasmi in a Gloskrutham Analogy .. 

So to overcome the the "Mamathwam" Tapam in Thapathrayas Sama Vedic Principle of "Money" with "Vaisya Dharmam" taste of "Thatwamasi" could be more useful .. not very sure though .. yet ..

While addressing the Tapa of Moha for Self Actualization with Higher Quality maybe Rigvedic principles help more as stated in the previous parts of this Gloskrutham story of 4 Vedas and 6 Shastras .. And  when addressing the VanderWal Forces of attraction and Resonance of "Ragas" are considered with higher Spiritual Quests (Adhyathmika Tapam) Yajur Vedic Principles with "ViRaga" seems to suit more using 9, 1 and 5 houses in a kind of Gloskrutham Dom Analogy which may seem to differ slightly from the Basket Analogies of 6 Vedangas and Shastras with some missing links of Imaginations to give Space to the AnoRaneeyan MahathoMaheeyanGod too beyond all our Logical and Rational Comprehensions too .. "Praise be to the Lord" .. 🙏 ..

[19/04 11:15] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn: .. (To be continued..) .. 

[19/04 12:05] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

 Continuation of this Gloskrutham story got eaten up by some Rahu Kethu Grahanas here in Whatsapp .. All that got written just vanished when tried to copy here .. Basically the essence was that while the basic basket analogies in minute details may differ with Vedangas and Shastras , the Dom analogies of Higher Quality, (need not just like any Rainbow) may differ slightly from the Ground Realities kind of analogy of Baskets of Vedangas and Shastras giving V(W)it C allowances to Rahu and Kethu too as a kind of some BraINy IQ upasana agendas with AshVani Devathas too   .. Shall try to explain to those who come to me personally .. need not any cup of tea for all to understand .. maybe even i am skeptical slightly with some (Many ) probable missing links connecting the basics and the Dom .. These are all subject to evolution later .. 🙏 .. Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏 ..

Thursday, April 12, 2018

NGDCs .. A Green Signal Irritation (AGSI) .. Gloskrutham Story ..

NGDCs .. A Green Signal Irritation (AGSI) .. Gloskrutham Story ..

The unrest among PEC (Peace Engineering Corporation )  people started growing more with the VEW (Value Engineering Works) .. The CEO of PEC Kimmi Kat been very worried that their relevance itself is getting diminished with the acts of VEW.. 

First PEC people tried to raise some religious sentiments, but the religious authorities gave an NOC like that obtained by Galileo .. 

But then later PEC decided to use quotation goondas to make some direct hits at the Chief Advisor of VEW, Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan (GJk) as a kind of back stabbing act..

PriyamVada was very pleased as she is been promised a heavy sum by PEC to go back to VEW's project as a spy of PEC to implement their agenda there .. She fascinated using the power over the people to control them to obey her commands once GJk is out of VEW's project .. 

Bellram got this news leaked somehow in a Chai pe Charcha with Priyam Vada.. She asked for Bellram's help to get back to VEW as a spy of PEC and offered money to Bellram too to be an agent of PEC in VEW ..

Though Bellram had some differences with GJk,  he actually admired him and so could not desist from telling this to GJk that quotation teams are given a quotation by PEC for a direct hit at GJk..

This made GJk think of an old incident in which he been tried to be trapped with some  DA bills which he accounted as TA bills .. He escaped that trap plot by saying he has not taken any Dearness allowance. . 

This time GJk thought hard, the plotters this time has put forward an argument that, he has not done enough tiresome JapaYogam to allow indirect hits upon him .. So direct hits with a quotation team remain the only option to oust him with some or other heated agitations and improper maintenance of cold chains, not allowing indirect cuts with JapaYoga .. So the PEC argued, the cold chains are also agitated giving out ample and more temperature and hence VEW's Preventive Vaccine programmes of Value Education needs to be cancelled .. 

And then PEC sent some warning signals of dirty tricks by making some cuts in the VEW's Hero Maestro seat cover and GJk didn't bother to repair that .. After that to add some insult to injury next they cut the Scooter Cover.. GJk didn't bother to mind that too .. What GJk thought was that everyone get the Governance and Environment that they deserve only .. Though GJk knew the probable tamperings in electronics, when an alarm put up by him didn't work in the morning, but with grace of God he woke up and reached for a meeting though was little late.. So he didn't oppose the electronics company too, too much for the delayed justice imparted for fear of Goonda Raj otherwise.. But this time it's a big Media Managing Giant PEC who wants to oust the Government itself by bringing up some agitations using some Scholars, need not like Brahmins instigating Lord Rama to do the Shambhooka Vadham for their children's welfare to focus more in their profession of intellectual superiority , need not because of competitions from other gypsy children who needs to focus more on physical works more, rather than intellectual works concept .. And maybe also to conspire the ousting of Lord Ram from Sita (Mother Earth) too to fix his appointment with YamaDev (The Time bound Targets Lord  giving Pressure ) .. 

Later they thought GJk to be a good target prey to hunt down, maybe like a Rajan Case in Kerala that was used to oust the Minister even without his knowledge by intermediary policemen during emergency  .. 

With all these probable paths coming up before GJk , he thought to himself that the previous standardised paths like Conversion of TA bills to DA bills, and then the next the JapaYoga techniques etc need not work well enough with direct hits by quotation teams..

Running away and hitting back is an option .. But that is also tried earlier when in school .. And now a days, the mafia and quotation world is said to have strengthened so much in Kerala as said by some reporters that, English HeadMasters could be nowhere anywhere near any sight to hide .. and might need to go on running and running .. But with increasing age, need not be a good option .. 

Now GJk thought of the next option of Giving Up .. Like Jesus Christ showing the other cheek too to the hitters a kind of Vaishnavic Technique used by Lord Vishnu against the quotation man Bhrigu Muni by doing the PadaSeva of him and in that process closing his eyes in the foot .. 

Suddenly GJk's heart lit up and decided when the quotation hit comes, apart from exiting the project of VEW, shall also take a double break by showing the other cheek too by reducing the major food course from two times a day currently, to just one time a day in future  (.. there need not be any limits to minor courses with V(W)it C upasanas .. :) ..) and then shall sit or lie (depending on the breakages in the body) and enjoy life devoid of any pressures of doing or not doing anything but just doing the blame of all the systems life long to whoever comes before with the disPlacements caused by the Quotation Goondas of YamaDev who push hard the Timebound (YamaBound) Targets with HardWork for Success  .. 

Thus thinking GJk thought of the Vijay Dialogue in Thuppakki.. and then suddenly the alarm made a sound so punctually and GJk got up from his sleep and got readied for the next meeting for the VEW's project .. And on the way GJk was thinking about the dream that he had, and then the quotation man of the media Giant PEC arranged to hit GJk in the dream appeared before him and remembering the strategy thought out in the dream GJk said "Sairam" with folded hands waiting to take the direct hits ..

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

NGDCs.. "No Result Orientation" - a Gloskrutham Poetry ..
[11/04 23:41] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

NGDCs .. No Result Orientation - Gloskrutham Poetry..

Space the Hero is there everywhere ..

But Air , the Heroine is felt more..

Normally in the world of duality..

"Where the Air takes" is a great thought ..

Maybe not any easy thing to practice..

Everlasting Fortunes , need not  a cup of tea for any ..

"No Result Orientation", the Ultimate Universal Currency..

Very Very difficult to amass ..

Again, not any Tom, Dick and Harry, can have the Ultimate Queen ..

And those who are able to have her.. Even take her  beyonce too.. 

Even beyond the slumbers of evolution ..

Including that of Birth and Death 2oo (probably🙏)  ..

[11/04 23:44] GJk(GloskruthamJayakrishn:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Abiogenesis - 1104201802.10 , a Gloskrutham Poetry..

Abiogenesis-1104201802.10 of freshness from Boredom and Sh*te perspectives.. (Gloskrutham Poetry) ..

The control on media bill is coming up ..
The boredom is going up ..
The new thread ie put up being
Quality Entertainments are just personal only..
Need not something for masses to enjoy ..
They may take the standardised..
Guided and guarded to some text book precision..
Like the latest Robo fun without much Amusememts to amuse at ..
All are strategists with some so called
Fool proof principles without much fooleris. .
Well rounded strategies devoid of any 
Allowances for spontaneous chances or 
Even chances are put in a basket with clear cut remedies .. 
In a way it seems good only , the machine kind of life..
Maybe thus could be the way Earth also might be rotating ..
On and on within its own space and trajectory ..
With answers for everything within oneself..
Then why should one go for the Abhooshan. .
The good old Urvasie question if the 
Heavenly objects are not that desirable any more 
Still why should there be Ekohum Bahusyam ..
If one is not even bothered of MohaKshayas, Then what is the relevance of Gyan of Ramphal..
Where Sh*t can replace the brilliance so easily What is the difference , what's the point of OneUpsmanship fun .. 
Where the poisons and chemical weapons can 
Easily abort any journey of anyone anytime ..
What's the big deal .. When everything is just 
Selfsame where is the fun .. 
Then came the answer that's why Vedas are 
Also of illogics with a "Zara Thirchi" fun ..
Logic need not give that fun always .. 
With a blank fun of machine giving ..
Smaller allowances to all as per Dharma .. 
Without allowing the mounting of pressure. .
But with illogics fun gets created probably. .
Also with Jesus Christs  getting crucified too ..
Enjoying the crucification as a Sacrifice too .. 

But here the question is about logics and rationales
That get bored fast with nothing more than the round round
 Fun of Earth in some fixed trajectories..
And then it dawned the fun of "JapaYoga" 
The training of endurance to go on repeating
"Nothing New or Afresh" but the good old Repitions of Sh*tty techs ..Maybe  like the..
Earth that moves on, on and on again and again..
In its fixed repetitive trajectories
That give out the various Seasons 
In some "TheNaThyaktheNa  Bhunjeetha angle .. 
Not for any reason the story of specialized arrows and bows 
Instead of stories of rounded bullets like the guides.. 
Maybe to take the tail of Vasuki in Palazhi Mathanam
Like the worker bees in the beehive 
Not bothering to take a so called lesser privileged stance..

Waiting to see whether it is possible to see 
Any fresh sprouts of fun without any hiccups of standardisation ..

And then there rose that thing of beauty .. a joy forever ..
Of awesome freshness from Abiogenesis..
The great poetry, Natakantham Kavithwam. .
Maybe with all freedoms of expressions limitless..
Without needing to be feared of Sh*ite taking over any brilliance ..
The great and admirable, the old age wisdom of Poetry .. 
That can perhaps find the new and fresh life wherever and whenever it may wish .. 
The covered Gyan,  need not convey to you anything without ample Sraddha ..
But a great fun for oneself without any needs for explanations ..
With some unbridled fun spirits of freshness within which you need not understand ..

Saturday, April 7, 2018

NGDCs .. Narcissism, How it began.. a Gloskrutham Story ..

NGDCs. . Narcissism - how it began , a Gloskrutham Story .. 

Bellram was a happy going unmarried youngster gentleman and he used to imagine a lot of stories with the women he see and a lot of heroines that he watch , along with him too as a character in his imaginative stories when on bed at night before sleeping .. 

One day he imagined a story of a married woman along with him at night on bed before going to sleep .. And then the next day this woman's father came to Bellram and said that, he has caused an accident to her married daughter's family when they were at a late night party in the previous night.. and demanded that he wants Rs.10 lakhs as compensation and an assurance to look after her daughter's son.. 

Bellram really got perplexed and said he has not caused any accidents to her daughter and it could be some dupe or look alike who might have done that .. 

But the lady's father was in no mood to listen to him and he made a big hulla - bulla and demanded for a compensation .. Bellram could not get head or tail of what the old man is telling and thought him to be a mad one or whether he might be having autism or Asperger's Syndrome or something like that to be kept away or to keep away.. 

At that time Ksheri Rai came to Bellram with an offer to join PEC (Peace Engineering Corporation) where she is deputed to work from Jyothi Engineering Works (JEW)  along with GJk (Gloskrutham Jk) who was then looking for a new recruit at PEC for the upcoming project on some Preventive Measures for Peace .. 

After listening to the "arguing and hullah bullaying" of the old man, Ksheri Rai like Portia in "Merchant of Venice" said, if Bellram has slept with your daughter in his imagination the previous night, then she shall imagine to give the old man Rs.10 lakh in cash in her imagination and shall take care of his daughter's son in her imagination which is her's only ..

Like ShyLock, the old man got dumbstruck and agreed to Ksheri Rai's proposal with some dejection.. 

And then Ksheri Rai asked Bellram to imagine her in all his future imaginative stories as heroine and not any other gal as heroine to avoid such mad and autistic behaviours of people .. She also ensured that Bellram gets that job under GJk at PEC then.. 

But Bellram as usual  could not keep his word to keep his imaginations down without any variety,  just with Ksheri Rai alone as the heroine in all his stories.. 

So he went on and on with his variety imaginations using multiple heroines for his imaginative stories again.. 

Then Bellram lost his job at PEC for some heated mass agitations that happened in PEC ..

And while idling at home Bellram tried to do some exercises on a hanging rope sling to stretch and jump up and down and while trying a kind of sheershasanam kind of exercise on the rope sling , the rope broke and Bellram just fell down hard on the floor from top with a "Padho" on his back and head .. For sometime Bellram just lay there without being able to get up .. 

 But the laughing old man at Bellram's sad plight made Bellram suspicious whether he had  cut that rope half that Bellram uses to exercise usually, maybe like the Lalu Alex act upon Vineeth in the movie "RathriMazha" or like the Divya Unni's act against mammootty in "Maravathoor Kanavu"  .. Anyway since Bellram don't know whether it was done by the good old autistic old man or not , he just let it go and without proof it was difficult for Bellram to blame some other body ..

But then after that incident It became too difficult for Bellram to raise his right hand shoulder and hang on a rope giving weight on right hand beause of the so called dance of Lakshmi Devi on his right shoulder  .. Though it was the beginning of "Ezharassani", Bellram did not want to  displease Ksheri Rai any more and started giving more emphasis to himself in a kind of Narcissistic ways more in his bed time imaginative stories using some "BRAin" works of IQ, remembering Ksheri Rai's words that she actually tries to keep "SACHin" inside almost in all her acts and deeds ..  

Once Bellram started imagining some BRAiny stories , Ksheri Rai recommended him to a job in her Company JEW and got him deputed along with her to VEW's project under GJk. .

With time Bellram started learning more about BRAin and SACHin in acts and deeds and his right hand shoulder pain started receding and then slowly with the pushes of environments Bellram was becoming a made up Narcissist with a Learned Behaviour other than natural, for fear of the dances of goddesses on shoulders .. And thus Bellram also became a devotee of Goddesses too singing "BhajaGovindam" along with Narcissism. . 

Later when Bellram saw the autistic old man who initiated the learning curve  of Narcissism in Bellram, that old man just winked and thanked Bellram and said because of Bellram's imaginative acts a KunhiRamaKuntanMenonettan came like Jesus Christ saved her daughter and son and they are very happy now..

Bellram thanked God and GJk's Value Ed programmes, for the old man did not shout  any more asking for money at him for the accident that happened , maybe caused by the look alike dupe of Bellram while she been coming back after partying at night ..


NGDCs. . Interesting Sthothram Technique used in the Serial Seetha in Flowers Channel .. Making one attracted to Yoga fast probably. . Thoughtful .. NS 17.30 Spec .. 😲🙏 ..

Friday, April 6, 2018

NGDCs. . Some Gloskrutham addendum thoughts and derived perspectives after watching the Malayalam movie Aami .. 🙏 ..

NGDCs. .  Happened to see the Malayalam  movie Aami based on the life of Madhavikkutty. .

Like the quote of Madhavikkutty at the end of the movie though she may not know where she might have gone wrong but there is a virtue in her doings, just like that maybe IDK what might have gone wrong in the movie which attracted so many negative Internet reviews about it that the film is not up to the standard .. I really felt it interesting with a kind of some interesting thoughtful virtues.. 

The centuries old good old method of Nair Tharavadus to do the Brain Drain from Nampoothiries by using the Sambandham,  is said to be augmented by the Nalappadu Tharavadu by marrying their younger girls to older Scholars of their own cast, by which 15 years old Kamala gets wed to 20 years older Reserve Bank Officer Das ..

Interesting story craft that she probably said to have started writing "Ente Katha" after a bird got hit on the ceiling fan of a Hospital. .  Interesting notice, when Das was alive she could easily do the so called "Theppu" in New Gen language to the younger Italian Pen Friend who adored her .. 

Maybe if we take the narrative of M.P.Narayana Pillai about Mr.Das, he is said to have been a scholar in Financial Matters .. and probably like M.P. Narayana Pillai,  Madhavikkutty too respected and adored Das very much which could have invoked the competitive spirit in her to compete with him in a different style with her writing .. Maybe she could do the so called "Theppu" programme much more easily to the Italian Younger guy and even the editer Renji Panicker when Mr. Das was alive so that she could turn to him safely back after a flight .. Maybe like the theme put in the good old Malayalam movie "Rachana" starred by Bharat Gopi as a writer .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . Thought Provoking. . 😲 🙏. .

Even she could easily recoup from the failure from elections with the support of Mr. Das and her family,  using that as an opportunity to do the so called "Theppu" of her own party people who instigated her.. 😲 🙏. . 

Probably , once Mr. Das left the world, maybe system decides to take the revenge for the Theppu she might have done to the Italian Guy using Anoop Menon's character.. Perhaps with the age going up, and with No Das anymore in her life to turn back to when fails, she couldn't desist not to bite the longer term Karma Handle's offer done by the systems .. 😲 🙏. . 

Maybe she started it as a play just like she did with the Italian guy probably with a Das to support  then, but when tried to play that game on own Anoop Menon decides to go for "What she might have done to the Italian Guy to her by leaving the place just like she left along with Mr.Das to Calcutta" .. 

Maybe after watching the movie probably this seemed the two major threads of the movie .. one to get into a relationship with someone with some big age difference and then two to do the "Theppu" of the Younger One .. And it seemed interesting that when the older does the "Theppu" of Younger ones like Das do the Theppu of Madhavikkutty by bringing in a younger guy  and she doing the Theppu of an younger Italian guy who appreciated her very much, things seemed to be fun , but when the younger ones started retorting back with the "Theppu" business, combined with the elder ones not able to do the "Theppu" of younger ones amply well enough as they used to do earlier, maybe that could be the so called wrongs stated at the end of the movie as imagined by Madhavikkutty , that it is having some virtue even within (despite) some unknown wrongs .. Maybe like the rule of Sun in the YamaLoka when Lord Yama went for a vacation upon Earth as a human as stated in the Pradhama Skandha of Bhagavatham with the retreat of Dhritharashtrar, when the Sun started treating both Sinners and Sadhus alike assessing their mental thoughts too apart from what is done overtly .. Maybe like the incident of Samban at Dwaraka who mocked the Rishies.. 😲 🙏  .. It is said Samban was a Surya Upasakan (Sun Worshipper) who built the Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa .. Maybe the highly specialized YamaDev in YamaLoka does the trade with the overt acts done but when the Jack of all Planets Surya Dev (Sun) took charge of Yama Loka and started punishing even for the thoughts made as though, the mental world of imaginations too as a kind of Reality like the Physical Material  World  .. Maybe also reminding us the moral of the previous  Gloskrutham Story when Arjun advises Bellram,  not to confuse the Reality Material wOrld of  Physical Realities to the Mental World of Imaginations (of Art and literature too) like Pavam Pavam Rajakumaran's Sreenivasan, maybe like the Ganga of ManichtraThazhu movie ..

Perhaps, such a kind of subtle message hidden in the movie to leave the imaginary worlds to imaginations (and maybe to Arts and Literature ..) only and not to try and bring into the physical realities world of material life, maybe such a virtuous message of "Darsane Punyam,  Sparsane  ...... " might be the Virtue indicated in Madhavikktty's quote at the end of the movie, probably given out by a still Greater God probably / perhaps that could be everywhere including in the movie and Madhavikkutty both perhaps .. 

Again not very sure of such Gloskrutham addendum  narration with whatever is shown in the movie .. It been a nice and interesting thougtful watch perhaps also with some Value Education angle too probably / perhaps .. 😲 🙏  .. 

Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏  ..