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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NGDCs .. An Imaginary Gloskrutham Review on the "Vayana Vicharana" book on Benyamin's Goat Life .. Thoughtful .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🙏 ..

NGDCs .. Happened to go through the Vayana.Vicharana of Benyamin's Aatu Jeevitham compiled and edited by Sri. E.K. Dinesan and published by Pravasi Book Trust, Dubai and distributed by Olive Publications pvt Ltd ..

It started with an interview review with Late Sri Punathil Kunjabdullah who said Sales of any book need not be always a yard stick of the content quality of the book citing the example of Aithihyamala ..

When it comes to the Review of Dr.Mini Prasad, she elicits an interesting point that one needs to have willingness and readiness to learn other languages too, other than just one's own language alone which might have taken the life of protagonist to a different level ..

Glorifying the Malayalam language, Sathyan Maataakkara puts up the Director's Cut Roopakam perspective with a poetry of A.Ayyappan on Light with an analogy on  Heaven leased out to the God of Hell   .. From there a new perspective seemed to rise from the novel probably as mentioned by the editor and compiler in his second last article on another probable side of the Protagonist character ..

This made me dwell further more into the novel to see where could be the RoopaKalpana of a kind of Director's Cut perspective .. Then the story of Hameed for whom the embassy action is said to have come a week later made further thoughtworthy of a Director's cut role as a kind of "Roopaka Chintha (Thought)" ..

Then when further read into the epilogue of Benyamin at the end of the original novel describing himself as a kind of Yudah who is just showing the Jesus Christ to Roman Soldiers and in the Saudi Police Station, the picture of Ibrahim Khadiri probably as a wanted one, perhaps increases the doubts on a Roopa Kalpana with a kind of Director's Cut perspective .. Need not anyway like the recent very much discussed in channels news story of "GharWapasi / Return of Aathira" to her own way of  language and Religion ..

When it comes to the review of K.Sheriff, he sees a relief in not finding the normal shallow seeming literary peripheral ornamentations that is regularly used by writers in this, and the plain direct seeming narration, i also think stand apart in an interesting way to average readers like me .. 
Maybe with the review of Chandran Pookkad, maybe more of a kind of still finer tuned seeming dramaticism seemed to be coming out with a kind of different perspective wherein the "Ekagratha" (Concentration) of the Author is praised and a kind of Speciality on Narration focused on Critical Path Method (CPM) kind of method than developing with different Stories and Sub Stories using a kind of PERT technique is observed , perhaps as done by Sheriff but maybe in a slightly different PERT style review though .. After reading this review of  Chandran Pookkad i myself thought of reading Punathil Kunjabdullah's "Kanya Vanangal" sometime in future  .. 

Chandran Pookkad coins the word "Thantra Sancharam" in the desert in his review which seemed to take some other interesting build up of thought perspectives when it comes to the review of "Velliyotan" narrating more about Ibrahim Khadiri .. Did he really lead or mislead Hakkim by going in the wrong direction .. Such doubts can arise when one goes thru this review .. 

Maybe the book "Aatu Jeevitham" - Vayana. Vicharana rose within me a different alternate probable perspective of the Novel other than what i initially imagined , when i read the original book .. A thoughtful seeming alternate probably a different imaginative perspective , need not exactly like the imaginative Gloskrutham Review perspective of the Malayalam Movie "Parava",  been an aftermath effect reading this Vayana. Vicharana reviews on Benyamin's Goat Life .. Thought Provoking .. 😵😲 .. Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏 ..

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gloskrutham Caption Contest No.7 - Winning caption is adjudged as "Chakkalathi Poru" .. 🙏 ..

Monday, October 23, 2017

NGDCs.. Gloskrutham Story .. "Sour Grapes of a Wolf" ..

NGDCs.. Gloskrutham Story .. "Sour Grapes of a Wolf" .. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gloskruth.. Cheese .. Whatsapp group ..

Onwards lengthy philosophical posts, caption contest, youtube songs etc are planned to be limited to Gloskrutham group members .. ✌.. 🙏 ..

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hmmmmmmmmmm .. Upside Down.. 😲.. 🙏 ..

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Caption This Gloskrutham Drawing Art piece one day contest ..

NGDCs.. Send your Captions to too to be considered in this contest ..

Monday, October 16, 2017

NGDCs .. Gloskrutham Drawing Art .. Aliveni, Enthoo Cheyvoo ..

NGDCs.. Gloskrutham  Drawing Art.. 

Please note that I am not a critic of Saritha Nair .. She might be trying to survive in Society using her strengths perhaps trying to evolve the Social Fabric of Kerala in a style that she might have deemed to be felt to be okay .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏