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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Caption This Gloskrutham Drawing Art piece one day contest ..

NGDCs.. Send your Captions to too to be considered in this contest ..

Monday, October 16, 2017

NGDCs .. Gloskrutham Drawing Art .. Aliveni, Enthoo Cheyvoo ..

NGDCs.. Gloskrutham  Drawing Art.. 

Please note that I am not a critic of Saritha Nair .. She might be trying to survive in Society using her strengths perhaps trying to evolve the Social Fabric of Kerala in a style that she might have deemed to be felt to be okay .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Friday, October 13, 2017

NGDCs.. Advantages / Benefits of Fake Guilty Consciousness.. a Gloskrutham story ..

NGDCs .. Advantages / Benefits of Fake Guilty Consciousness ie not (that need not be)  there in Reality  .. a Gloskrutham Story ..

Bellram thought hard , how can his friend, philosopher and Guide Gloskrutham jk be promoted more to win a Nobel Prize next year for the Gloskrutham Literature Art, so that Bellram can get married to his heart throb Ksheri Rai with Gloskrutham jk's consent .. 

Actually Ksheri Rai is not much fond of this too much appeasing programne of  Bellram that he does to Gloskrutham jk in the name of just being a friend, Philosopher and Guide and nothing in return other than just not giving a consent for their marriage .. Ksheri Rai usually get very irritated at Bellram's attitude and behaviour in asking for the consent of Gloskruthan jk's FRNGS model and CGQUIP measures for anything and everything.. 

She often asks Bellram, why the hell he needs the consent of  Gloskruthan jk in they getting married and in other personal affairs of them ..  

She just couldn't digest this, maybe like in the movie PK , Aamir Khan opposing the Godman or maybe even like the Artist Devan sometimes been stated to have got irritated at Poomully Manakkal Thirumany being worshipped as "Arivinte Thamburan" .. 

Even with all the irritations and disgusts shown by his heart throb Ksheri Rai, Bellram still continued as an ardent devote of Gloskrutham jk and started  thinking of further ways and strategies to get the Nobel Prize for jk next year .. 

And then, the other day Bellram happened to see the vcd of the Malayalam Movie "Oru Cinemakkaran" starred by Vineeth Srinivasan and an idea stuck on Bellram .. In that movie, when Vineeth Srinivasan gets pregnanted with some Guilt Conscious, suddenly he starts to get the call from the Producer to do the movie who had never shown much interest earlier  .. 

So Bellram thought whether this could be the emo science behind the Christian Religious philosophy which states that Humans are born as Sinners .. perhaps with Guilt Feeling of debts to many known and unknown even at birth (Janma Katam..) as some Hindu Philosophers might say .. 

Maybe in order save from all these sins or debts a kind of Saving or Baptisation is offered by the religions with a Great God running everything for the joy of God and so the birth of the baptised need not be indebted to anyone but to God only who takes the joy in running the affairs with the people baptised or not as per a kind of Hindu Philosophy (and God or Brahman takes joy back only from baptised in some Christian Philosophical thinking too probably / perhaps to make the debt free / saved to be in Heaven .. ) ..

Along with all these A class seeming kind of thinking coming up, for the practical purpose of Getting the Nobel Prize for jk in some Prajnanam Brahma style Bellram thought of a B+ ideology, a step below approach of invoking a kind fake guilty consciousness, so that some directors might notice some worthwhileness in giving the Nobel Prize to jk next year .. Something like the Udayananu Tharam Malayalam movie climax scene to give an award to Super Star Saroj Kumar with fake guilty consciousness .. 🤔😲 ..

Gloskrutham jk usually buy 1.5 litters of Bottles of Soda frequently .. He stopped buying Kingfisher Soda because its cap is not easy to open ..

 In some Bhava Chintha analogy Mc Dowell Soda seems to be more appealing to jk that seem better suited with easier to open caps .. 

But for the place (Rasi) preference of discipline jk uses Bagpiper Soda now a days .. 

And Bellram this time before supplying the new Bagpiper Soda to jk used a special technology to fix the cap more tightly to the bottle neck so that its not easy to open ..

In the night when jk took the bottle to drink its cap was not opening .. and a Rage (Kali) got hold of jk and instead of patiently waiting and reporting that to the concerned disciplinarians , jk tried to open the bottle with a steel fork .. The fork got twisted to different directions with the force applied but the cap of the bottle seemed in no mood to relent in any manner .. And with increased rage and vigour the applied forces on the fork some small cuts got inflicted on the hand of jk .. But jk was too not in any mood to give up .. All the "No Result Orientation" principles of Gloskrutham jk just got swept away by the  further increasing wind of Rage (Kali) .. jk just took the bottle in the hand and like Kamsa killed the children just banged that bottle on the wall again and again, but then still the bottle was not relenting / opening .. Its around 12.00 am at Midnight ..  and then that happened instead of of banging the bottle again and again jk just took the fork and like Narasimha Moorthy taking the indestine of Hiranya Kashipu, maybe like an idea from the wall or from Nowhere , he just plunged that fork into the middle of that Soda bottle multiple times and just did a kind of "Varanju Keeral" (in Malayalam) of that Plastic Bottle with High Result Orientation ( Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😲🙏.. ) and from that crack Soda just gushed out like anything and Bellram collected that in a pot drank that and applied some medicines to his injuries too ..

Later when jk reported this to the disciplinarians, they said that , he could have just kept the bottle cap head immersed in some hot water for some time and could have easily opened it .. 

This actually made jk feel guilty about how he behaved with the plastic bottle .. 

In that night when Bellram was sleeping, he had a dream that Gloskrutham jk has won the next year's Nobel Prize ..

Later Gloskrutham jk came out of the guilt consciousness to some extent from what he did to the plastic bottle with a kind of flimsy argument that he is saved, because had he kept the cool soda bottle taken from fridge, immersed in the hot water to take out the cap, then the Soda wouldn't have been cool, but might have become more hot .. 

This narration of jk of getting saved made Bellram think of the myriad aspects of dimensions that Gloskrutham Literature Art might be having that make  it worthy of Nobel Prize as per the estimates of some Dream Shower Technician / Artist ..

🤔😲😊✌🙏 ..

AnoRaneeyan MahathoMaheeyan .. 🤔😲🙏 ..

Sunday, October 8, 2017

NGDCs.. New Gloskrutham story .. igo .. father Don't go, Don't go , Mother calling ..

NGDCs .. New Gloskrutham story "Ayyo Acha Pokalle, Ayyo Acha Pokalle, Amma Vilikkunnu.." (igo, father .. Don't go, Don't go .. Mother calling .. )

.. Bellram tried something like that to stay back in job, but seemed to be of no use ..

With the announcement of Nobel Prize for literature last day, Bellram and his fiancee "Ksheri Rai" are in a dilemma .. They tried everything that's possible for them as  a Lobbyyist and PR agent for Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan and even arranged a Unity Concert in Brahmaloka .. But the Curse of Lord Shiva on Brahmadeva, that his estimates and works need not always be appreciated seems to have followed them too ..

Ksheri Rai is impatient to get married to Bellram .. With the reports from Peace Engineering Corporation, they were expecting this time Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan had a pretty good chance to win Nobel Prize, but that didn't work somehow like Pranchiyettan missing the Padma Award ..

With Bellram and Ksheri Rai failing in their mission , they thought hard and just tried to imitate the Pranchiyettan movie by putting up a temptner girl ..

But Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan (jk) was not very much satisfied with the Lobbying acts and PR works of Ksheri Rai and Bellram and he said to them that he is not going to allow Bellram and Ksheri Rai to get married till the end of Kaliyuga and he is also forgoing his minor / sub aims like winning Nobel Prize etc etc for his Major Aim to be Blissfully Eternal ..

He said to no more Bellram and Ksheri Rai may do Lobbying and PR activities for him to win any prizes and don't even think of getting married too ..

Upon hearing this Bellram and Ksheri Rai got into a dilemma and begged jk to let them marry, they said, they shall arrange for a still bigger lobbying PR using the Cinema medium and offered jk to give them one more chance to try for the next year ..

They begged to jk that if this time they don't succeed, they shall abide completely to whatever Gloskrutham jk tells them to do .. They pleaded jk to keep his minor aims too along with his Major Objective to achieve "Blissful Eternity" ..

Upon hearing these words of Bellram and Ksheri Rai, with a glance at "Ksheri Rai" along with the thoughts of Multi Billion Dollars Assets that she has got, Gloskrutham jk , just put up an exression, imitating "Mammootty" in Azhakiya Ravanan upon hearing about  "Chathothe Panicker's House" ..

Friday, October 6, 2017

NGDCs.. Why Gloskrutham Planning than the good old Great Jyothisham Planning ..

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

NGDCs.. Some Gandhi Jayanthi Gloskrutham thoughts with two incidents that happened yesterday, one in a movie and the other in America .. Not very sure of such analogies .. yet .. 🙏 ..

NGDCs .. Two things seemed thought provoking on Gandhi Jayanthi Day (October 2) yesterday..

Happened to see the DVD of the movie "Ayal Sasi" .. Seemed an interesting and nice watch .. Nice lyrics of the song that seemed to have some two way meanings maybe just like writing Malayalam in English with a kind of Thola Kavi style mentioned in Aithihyamala .. 

Interesting theme line in the song  "Nattile Nizhalkkoottamokkeyum Aadarippavano Sasi" , probably also meaning "Sasi" is the one who respects the Shadow people in the Civilian Place (his (native) place)
..Nice, thoughtful movie .. 

Incidently , the second thought provokner (also heard on Gandhi Jayanthi day) , was about the massacre in US in which the ISIS claimed the responsibility which is denied by US authorities ..

 Heartfelt Condolences and Prayers on the Sad Occurings .. 

Made me think, just to prove something wrong if people are being massacred by some, how powerful that thing could be which probably been highly promoted by Gandhijie too perhaps / probably .. Maybe a protocol for Freedom of Speech and Writing of Older Visionaries as an epitome above needs to respected more with Akshara Brahma Upasana and VALUE education more to try and convert the hells into heavens ..

I think World Peace Day needs to be observed on October 2 on the Gandhi Jayanthi day .. 🤔😲🙏 ..

Thursday, September 28, 2017

NGDCs .. Happened to see the Malayalam Movie "Girls" and thought further on an Imaginary and Baseless Gloskrutham Story .. 😊 ..

NGDCs .. Happened to see the cd of the Malayalam movie "Girls" .. and a further Imaginary and Baseless Gloskrutham story ..

Made me also think of the "All Boys" project thread that we did in Engineering College , Thrissur .. baded on an IIT seminar paper that we took as a basis to do that project to fabricate a Cyclonic Separator  with a study in Particulate Emission Control in Diesel Engines using Cyclonic Separators .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😲😊 ..

Made me also think of the failure of the Challenger Shuttle that America sent .. Along with that another point that came to memory been the portrayal of the Suicide of a Senior Student in the Chetan Bhagat's storied movie "3 Idiots" wherein he could not complete the project of a flying drawn in stipulated project time in which Aamir Khan is shown to be doing the completion.. Makes me also think whether that been a real suicide or a Mafia act of kill to give some glory to a duplicate Mafia system player like the one portrayed by Aamir Khan in that movie like the kith and kin of Aromal Chekavar in Vadakkan Veeragadha to prevent Chatur, a favourite of Principal "Virus" to complete that project and take the credit .. or even like in the Malayalam Movie "Loham", wherein the "Metal" name "Loham" is falsely assumed to be Gold where Mohanlal plays the role of a duplicate "Intelligence Officer"  who gets assumed to be an Intelligence Officer of a higher rank than he could be actually , to impress the Heroine Andrea, maybe just like the name "Loham" is assumed to be Gold in One gm Rolled Gold style with the fall of a chap from an "Atlas" like looking Mesh with the two mafia people covered in face doing the pushing act making the chap in "Loham" movie to die after a somewhat seeming safe fall with safety belts ..  This also made me think of the Mafia's girls in HellMets attacking the Girls when they were coming back after the shoot in the movie "Girls" too .. Perhaps like a leakage in the Rubber O(thiram / thra) ring that caused the crash of Challenger .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😲😊 .. (Othiram, the good old Thacholi tech and Othram a kind of new age Poozhikkadakan tech as per the  Mammootty dialogue in Vadakkan Veeragadha.. 🤔😲😊 .. ) ..

 Maybe the new age people portrays the death of Chandu as Suicide whereas the old age people preferred to call it the kill with a kind of tech that starts like "Puranjayam (winning the house) and then giving a kind of "Safe" / "Safety" notion of "Saubhadram" like the good old confidence building assuarance of "Everything is going to be Okay" statement ie used two English movies too, in the movie,  "Captain Philips" and probably also in a Tom Hanks movie in a different perspective (not very sure whether it is Tom Hanks movie..where he tries to meddle in an invention of a large power storage supplying small battery kind of device which can meet all the power demands of a township..)

Another point that made me think is the age of Sita, when Ravan abducts her when she was said to be at 27 and Lord Ram at 34 .. (as per some Scholars she got married at the age 7 to the 14 year old Lord Ram and spent 7 years in Ayodhya before going to the jungle at the age 14 when Lord Ram was 21 .. ) ..

Incidently that also made me think of a good old joke that i happened create, more than 22 years back regarding "How can one convert 69 to 96 ?" with some multiple myriad of thought funs in multiple dimensions , which even I didn't envisage fully of such bizzarre multiple dimensional angles, when i created that .. Perhaps True  Random Numbers can be some great Simulators for planning many times with some Larger and Smaller Truths with Low Result Orientations for some still grandeur fun than Originally planned with some longer versions of Time like a kind "Veeryam Kootunna Veenj with Time"   .. Need not always .. yet , Thoughtful .. one more  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😲😊😇✌ ..

Soooooo in the movie "Girls" after the disapproval of their some what substandard project idea initially they tried some another  idea with some bold initiative with a taboo subject .. Perhaps wherein they found a Vortex Breaker , that protruded in the name of "Pranav" , maybe at the age of 27,  (Need not just like any unit of Resistance.. 🤔😊😲 .. ) .. to break a kind of vortex formulation in the Exhaust (Cyclonic Separator) from like 69 to a kind of 96 for the sedimentation of a kind of gold digging dusts ..

But then the later happening after that in the movie with a kind of Rubber O' Ring kind of leakages , seems to be justifying the gold digging acts / measures of "Theppists' Theppu acts" , with the  "Prathikriya Vaadikal" in the Chemban Vinod starred Malayalam Movie "ShikhaMa(o)ni(ey)" doing a kind of LAM / EAM  karmic law adjustments using some kind Universal Executives sedimenting and kicking out a kind of black dust particles too just the way probanly they tried to treat......................... 

Interesting and Thought provoking Malayalam movie it seemed to watch " Girls " .. 🤔✌🐼 ..