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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

NGDCs .. "AswathaMa Hatha Kunjara", A Special Dilemma (Kundhatha) of Bellram on Delayed Picturesque Views (SuDarsanam) , yet another Gloskrutham Story Percept .. 🤔☹🙏..

NGDCs ..  "AswathaMa Hatha Kunjara", A Special Dilemma (Kundhatha) of Bellram on Delayed Picturesque Views (SuDarsanam) , yet another Gloskrutham Story Percept .. 🤔☹🙏..

So its an evening time at the Beach where Bellram and Priyam Vada decided to meet to have a chat after a long time .. Priyam Vada is now a Senior Executive in Peace Engineering Corporation (PEC) headed by Kimmy Kat and Bellram is now working in Value Engineering Works (VEW) on deputation from Jyothi Engineering Works (JEW) .. Bellram been a former Employee in PEC but for a project that went Ulta Pulta, he lost the job there and joined JEW under his Fiancee Ksheri Rai ..

( By the way Gloskrutham story "Ulta Pulta" written last year (few months back ) shall be send to only those who asks for that to me personally .. Ulta Pulta story is also about how Bellram changed from PEC to JEW..) ..

Now as said in the last story put for bid with a changed leadership at PEC, PEC is trying to get back Bellram .. Now as a part of larger campaign of Value Engineering Works (VEW) Bellram is assigned a duty to do the PR initiatives and Lobbying Works to get Gloskrutham Jayakrishnan a Nobel Prize in Literature for his Gloskrutham Literature Art .. Though Bellram is fed up with his assignment in this Lobbying PR initatives Art, but with his earlier bitter experiences in PEC where he was assigned to lobby for a Nobel Prize for Gloskrutham jk if possible in Literature  or for Peace , Bellram somehow tries to carry forward his Lobbying acts just for namesake for the admiration that Ksheri Rai has got towards Gloskrutham jk  for his projects now a days .. With the new entrant Arjun as another assistant to Ksheri Rai in the project, Bellram's disgruntlement increased further in VEW and sensing this PriyamVada (who already is nurturing a kind of hate for the sheer CPM (Critical Path Method) oriented acts in VEW prmoted by Gloskrutham jk without much considerations for the FrillWorks as in PERT methods with the spells of "VIEW" orientations) decides to call her cards to get swiped, now to get Bellram to her Organization PEC .. Thus Bellram and PriyamVada met at a beach in an evening for a chit chat as a part of further prospecting the ideas ..

Here PriyamVada put forward a question to Bellram which sent him to a kind of Special Kundhatha (Dilemma..) .. PriyamVada had done her homework well and she poised this question that if they go on further with the Value Education Programmes without much botherations of the receievers, what's their plan for the probable Aswathama Syndrome killing Children fast to become Matured with Gyana and Viraga like its said in Bhagavatha Mahathmyam that these people got old fast with wear and tire due to their speedy and fast travels .. Other than Devotion what's VEW's plan regarding the fast aging of children or in a way killing of childhood fast with a kind of Aswathama Syndrome .. ? .. What's VEW's use for heavenly angels other than reducing their own relevance .. Probably its useful for humans with devotion but what about athiests like them trying to engineer things even like Peace ..

And then one more thing got put up by PriyamVada before Bellram that when Children are made to mature fast with VEW's Knowledge Integration programmes as per some Gloskrutham interpretations of Bhagavatham the Sound Energy (Shabda Brahman) might become more and more Dominant and Powerful in the world and at its epitome heights of Quality people might even willingly leave their bodies to become the Shabda Brahman (Sound Energy) itself like the "Asareeries" (Sound without physical bodies .. maybe even including the Sound of Silence too ..)  perhaps / probably as some Answers (Uttharas) or aftereffects of, some of the, so called benefits of SathSanghs  stories of Sri Narada Rishi ..

Without the Satvic Imaginative Kidus (Kids) what might happen to the freedom of humans with manifested bodies .. Without kids humans too may get treated as women in Manusmrithi without any freedom but to just obey, as slaves, the dictates of the Sound Energy put up by the so called Asareeries or AkasaVanies etc etc eventually even to loose one's own body too , maybe like Pareekshit lost to become probably / perhaps yet another "Asareeri" , maybe as a part of yet another aspect of "Shabda Brahman"    ..

With these perspectives put up by PriyamVada Bellram just went to a kind of deeper thinkings with some Special Dilemmas thinking of varoius aspects of ShabdaBrahman put up in Srimad BhagVatham, maybe as called by Heavenly angels without having devotion as Athiests probably / perhaps .. 🤔😳☹🙏 .. Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏 ..

Friday, January 19, 2018

NGDCs .. BhagVatha Mahathmyam .. Gloskrutham Gharana Interpretation - Episode - 5 ..

Bhagavatha Mahathmyam - Gloskrutham Gharana Interpretation - Episode 5 ..

बालोवाच भो भोः साधो क्षणं तिष्ठ मच्चिन्तामपि नाशय । दर्शनं तव लोकस्य सर्वथाघहरं परम्॥४२॥

 बहुथा तव वाक्येन दुःखशान्तिर्भविष्यति । यदा भाग्यं भवेद्भूरि भवतो दर्शनं तदा ॥४३॥

NGDCs .. Here the young lady says that by looking at Narad mind starts to feel calm and hearing his sayings that can even be interpreted multiple ways her sorrows are fading .. Maybe she also adds that just how its lucky to have a feel of having Earth or to be a Major One in this World, that's how Narad's Sight is to one ..  🤔😳☹🙏✌

 नारद उवाच कासि त्वं काविमौ चेमा नार्यः काः पद्मलोचनाः । वद देवि सविस्तारं स्वस्य दुःखस्य कारणम्॥४४॥ 

NGDCs .. Narad then asks , who she is and who are the ladies around her trying to soothe her ..

बालोवाच अहं भक्तिरिति ख्याता इमौ मे तनयौ मतौ । ज्ञानवैराग्यनामानौ कालयोगेन जर्जरौ॥४५॥

 गङ्गाद्याः सरितश्चेमा मत्सेवार्थं समागताः । तथापि न च मे श्रेयः सेवितायाः सुरैरपि ॥४६॥ 

NGDCs .. The young lady replies that "She is known as "Bhakthi" (Devotion)" and she looks after "Gyan and Vairagya (detachment)" like her sons and with time they have become weak.. The ladies around trying to serve and soothe her are rivers (Saritha meaning River) like Ganga (Ganges) .. Even after the services send from Heavenly Angels, she is not able to walk her path of Glory ..

Here its interesting to notice a few few more things .. Before the arriv of Narad, himself on the scene, Heavenly Angels have noticed the phenomenon of "Bhakthi" (Devotion) getting young entering the "Vrindavan" and they immideately sent their Rivers (Sariths) to emulate that perhaps serving the "Devotion" (Bhakthi) with their grammars .. 

When Narad comes, its seen later that he sincerely tries to find a solution to the sorrows of Bhakthi  to help her walk her path of Glory with her assumed children Gyan and Vairagya .. 

In this context its also interesting to think why "Shuka Devan" didn't give "BhagVath" Kathamrith to Heavenly angels by citing a point that they don't have sincere "Bhakthi"(Devotion) .. In BhagVatham many times it gets reiterated in a way that Devotion is the key , maybe like the Engine power of a flight and Gyana and Vairagya are its wings only .. Without a kind of Engine Power maybe what could be the use of mere wings alone could be the thinking here in not giving the "BhagVath" Kathamrith to Heavenly angels ..

Maybe in this context there could even be another thinking that when one uses the grammar wings of "Gyana" and "Vairagya" one may easily get alienated in the world and might seem to look to get old fast .. Then a kind of re entry into the younger worlds despite having differences and Generation Gaps could be possible in a better manner thru "Bhakthi" (Devotion) only forgetting the differences in glorifying the Great God even with "BhagVatham" without sacrificing on the Grammatic Excellences too with "Gyana and Vairagya" using Devotion / Bhakthi ..

Something like a ball going up in a water column with bouyancy when falls down in an air column with gravity, maybe the magic of "Devotion / Bhakthi" helps to get an entry at the bottom of the water column again perhaps with a kind of PMM2 mechanism defying even the 2nd law of "Thermodynamics" .. Without Bhakthi (Devotion) Heavenly angels might end up aloof at the top and then may fall once their fruits of good deeds are over (Ksheene Punye MarthyaLokam Vishanthi as said ..) .. whereas with the magic of Devotion for God in VishnuLoka they get entries into the bottom of the hearts of younger generations too beyond the generation gaps defying time with the stories of BhagVan with BhagVatham with higher ease ..

Maybe thougtful are the many aspects and multiple meaning involved in BhagVath Puranam at multiple levels of perceptions .. 🤔😳🙏 ..

इदानीं शृणु मद्वार्तां सचित्तस्त्वं तपोधन । वार्ता मे वितताप्यस्ति तां श्रुत्वा सुखमावह ॥४७॥

 उत्पन्ना द्रविडे साहं वृद्धिं कर्णाटके गता । क्वचित्क्वचिन्महाराष्ट्रे गुर्जरे जीर्णतां गता ॥४८॥

 तत्र घोरकलेर्योगात्पाखण्डैः खण्डिताङ्गका । दुर्बलाहं चिरं याता पुत्राभ्यां सह मन्दताम् ॥४९॥

NGDCs .. Bhakthi (Devotion) says that she was born in the land of "Dravid" grown up in "Karnataka" (Land of Listeners probably 🤔), and her thirsts probably got quenched in MahaRashtra (A Big Land / Nation probably😳🤔🙏) and then in the GurjJara 🤔😳🙏land she became old started to wither with her sons Gyan and Vairagya .. Maybe when the Oldies start to Roar like Hirnaya Kashipu and say only "Hiranya" (Gold / Money) matter and nothing else and tell everyone to do just "Hiranyaya Nama:" only, maybe then  the grammars of "Gyana" and "Vairagya" too starts to wither along with "Devotion" (Bhakthi)

 .. But, then like the saying, any problem if carefully observed with Devotion, there could even be a solution too within that, like ignoring Heavenly Angels in BhagVath Kathamrith or even maybe like Devotion / Bhakthi finding "Prahlad" in the Empire of HiranyaKashipu to get an younger re - entry defying the generation gaps and time, maybe just like that "Bhakthi" (Devotion) found herself younger again in "VrindaVan" , maybe with a kind of "Wild Group" of people too probably those who like a kind of forest or wild life (Need not be exactly like any Amish Practitioners in America)..  (Vrindam has a meaning group and Van can even be synonimous for forest or wilderness)

 वृन्दावनं पुनः प्राप्य नवीनेव सुरूपिणी । जाताहं युवती सम्यक्प्रेष्ठरूपा तु साम्प्रतम् ॥५०॥ 

So in VrindaVan Devotion / Bhakthi became younger maybe also by trying to look after the Oldies like Gyana and Vairagya with a kind of Wild Thinking with increased Devotion .. 😳🤔🙏 .. Maybe Shuka Devan and Brahma Dev might have thought this kind of Re - Entry into younger minds using Devotion need not be possible in Heavenly Worlds to impress even the likes of Narad because sincere devotion need not be possible for heavenly angels for their Fear of Fall .. 

इमौ तु शयितावत्र सुतौ मे क्लिश्यतः श्रमात् । इदं स्थानं परित्यज्य विदेशं गम्यते मया॥५१॥

 जरठत्वं समायातौ तेन दुःखेन दुःखिता । साहं तु तरुणी कस्मात्सुतौ वृद्धाविमौ कुतः ॥५२॥

 त्रयाणां सहचारित्वाद्वैपरीत्यं कुतः स्थितम् । घटते जरठा माता तरुणौ तनयाविति ॥५३॥ 

अतः शोचामि चात्मानं विस्मयाविष्टमानसा । वद योगनिधे धीमन् कारणं चात्र किं भवेत् ॥५४॥

NGDCs .. Devotion (Bhakthi) here sincerely laments about the oldies before Narad trying to find a solution .. 

 नारद उवाच

 ज्ञानेनात्मनि पश्यामि सर्वमेतत्तवानघे । न विषादस्त्वया कार्यो हरिः शं ते करिष्यति ॥५५॥ 

NGDCs .. Narad says Bhakthi not to worry as the  one who can  Divide  Anything (Hari)

NB:- Interesting also to think of the meaning of Hari Shabd here also as a kind of Fission Technology Specialist too .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😳🙏☹🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂..

सूत उवाच 

क्षणमात्रेण तज्ज्ञात्वा वाक्यमूचे मुनीश्वरः॥५६॥ 
NGDCd .. For a second understanding an aspect of the Great God the sage answered ..

नारद उवाच

 शृणुष्वावहिता बाले युगोऽयं दारुणः कलिः । तेन लुप्तः सदाचारो योगमार्गस्तपांसि च ॥५७॥

 जना अघासुरायन्ते शाठ्यदुष्कर्मकारिणः। इह सन्तो विषीदन्ति प्रहृष्यन्ति ह्यसाधवः । धत्ते धैर्यं तु यो धीमान् स धीरः पण्डितोऽथवा ॥५८॥

 अस्पृश्यानवलोक्येयं शेषभारकरी धरा । वर्षे वर्षे क्रमाज्जाता मङ्गलं नापि दृश्यते ॥५९॥ 

न त्वामपि सुतैः साकं कोऽपि पश्यति साम्प्रतम् । उपेक्षितानुरागान्धैर्जर्जरत्वेन संस्थिता ॥६०॥

 वृन्दावनस्य संयोगात्पुनस्त्वं तरुणी नवा । धन्यं वृन्दावनं तेन भक्तिर्नृत्यति यत्र च ॥६१॥ 

अत्रेमौ ग्राहकाभावान्न जरामपि मुञ्चतः । किञ्चिदात्मसुखेनेह प्रसुप्तिर्मन्यतेऽनयोः ॥

NGDCs .. During this Kali Age people have gone worse .. Only a select few having courage are really scholars having intellect and intelligence .. Gyan and Vairagya do not much fall in that category now perhaps with reluctance and fear of fall probably, compared to Bhakthi (Devotion) who had the courage to explore the Wilderness by entering "VrindaVan" .. Thought Provoking in multiple levels .. 🤔😳☹✌🙏 .. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

NGDCs.. BhagVatha Mahathmyam .. A Gloskrutham Gharana Interpretation - Episode - 4 ..

Bhagavatha Mahathmyam - Episode - 4 ..

कुमारा ऊचुः कथं ब्रह्मन् दीनमुखः कुतश्चिन्तातुरो भवान् । त्वरितं गम्यते कुत्र कुतश्चागमनं तव॥२६॥

NGDCs .. Sanakadi Munies ( Sanakan, Sanandan, Sanathan and SanathKumaran) asks Why Narad seem thoughtful and why he has come there..

इदानीं शून्यचित्तोऽसि गतवित्तो यथा जनः । तवेदं मुक्तसंगस्य नोचितं वद कारणम्॥२७॥

NGDCs .. Sankadies ask Narad to tell the reason if there is something wrong ..

नारद उवाच अहं तु पृथिवीं यातो ज्ञात्वा सर्वोत्तमामिति । पुष्करं च प्रयागं च काशीं गोदावरीं तथा॥२८॥

हरिक्षेत्रं कुरुक्षेत्रं श्रीरंगं सेतुबन्धनम् । एवमादिषु तीर्थेषु भ्रममाण इतस्ततः॥२९॥

नापश्यं कुत्रचिच्छर्म मनःसन्तोषकारकम् । कलिनाधर्ममित्रेण धरेयं बाधिताधुना॥३०॥

सत्यं नास्ति तपः शौचं दया दानं न विद्यते । उदरम्भरिणो जीवा वराकाः कूटभाषिणः॥३१॥

मन्दाः सुमन्दमतयो मन्दभाग्या ह्युपद्रुताः । पाखण्डनिरताः सन्तो विरक्ताः सपरिग्रहाः॥३२॥

तरुणीप्रभुता गेहे श्यालको बुद्धिदायकः । कन्याविक्रयिणो लोभाद्दम्पतीनां च कल्कनम्॥३३॥

आश्रमा यवनै रुद्धास्तीर्थानि सरितस्तथा । देवतायतनान्यत्र दुष्टैर्नष्टानि भूरिशः॥३४॥

न योगी नैव सिद्धो वा न ज्ञानी सत्क्रियो नरः । कलिदावानलेनाद्य साधनं भस्मतां गतम्॥३५॥

अट्टशूला जनपदाः शिवशूला द्विजातयः । कामिन्यः केशशूलिन्यः सम्भवन्ति कलाविह॥३६॥

एवं पश्यन् कलेर्दोषान् पर्यटन्नवनीमहम् । यामुनं तटमापन्नो यत्र लीला हरेरभूत्॥३७॥

तत्राश्चर्यं मया दृष्टं श्रूयतां तन्मुनीश्वराः । एका तु तरुणी तत्र निषण्णा खिन्नमानसा॥३८॥

वृद्धौ द्वौ पतितौ पार्श्वे निःश्वसन्तावचेतनौ । शुश्रूषन्ती प्रबोधन्ती रुदती च तयोः पुरः॥३९॥

दश दिक्षु निरीक्षन्ती रक्षितारं निजं वपुः । वीज्यमाना शतस्त्रीभिर्बोध्यमाना मुहुर्मुहुः॥४०॥

NGDCs .. Narad while doing a tour of the Earth in Kali Age saw an interesting and wonder provoking sight that probably became the cause of his current thoughtful and grief struck seeming situation .. wherein he saw a Young Beautiful Lady (Tharuni) lamenting with a grief struck face that hurts mind for (Dwau) Oldies ..

दृष्ट्वा दूराद्गतः सोऽहं कौतुकेन तदन्तिकम् । मां दृष्ट्वा चोत्थिता बाला विह्वला चाब्रवीद्वचः॥४१॥

NGDCs .. Narad who might have got hurt in mind, at seeing such a sight, ehen asks her why, She starts to answer with some Vihwalatha, probably also meaning trepidition ..

Thoughtful it seemed the myriad ways of its interpretations in Multiple levels .. 🤔🙏 ..


Now Don't tell me it is a kind of Usual Beggar's technology to invoke "Anuthapam", compassion etc  for them to get things done from others and also don't tell me Narad used the same technology as used by that beautiful and young woman to get the attention of Sanakadi Munies to be younger more drinking the words / sounds of the Pious Sankadi Rishies  .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. 🤔😳🙏🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♂ ..

Thursday, January 4, 2018

NGDCs .. "SapthaheNa Srunum" .. Interesting Thought Perspectives put in BhagVatham probably on Grammars may not save perhaps (Nahi Nahi Rakshathi Dukringekarane probably ..) .. Episide - 3 ..

परीक्षिते कथां वक्तुं सभायां संस्थिते शुके । सुधाकुम्भं गृहीत्वैव देवास्तत्र समागमन्॥१३॥ 

NGDCs.. Interesting to notice in the following verses Shukadevan refuses to take the Nector Filled Pots offered by Heavenly Angels instead of the Kathamrutham (Nector Filled Stories) citing the experiment done by BrahmaDev where he found BhagVath Kathas to be more precious than Heavenly Nector .. 

Both BhagVatham and Heavenly Angels talk about a kind of "ViMan" (Vishesha Manam) to fly but it is said , with Bhagavath Stories the Fear of Fall is lesser whereas its said in "DevaLoka" the Fear of Fall is more .. maybe for the fear of loosing a particular mobile or maybe for the fear of loosing mobile balance of Punyas etc etc perhaps , to fall back to Earth again .. Maybe Bhagavath Stories put forward the ways to fly perhaps using own wings like the birds with the blessings of the Great Lord ofcourse transcending the dukringekarane grammars using  Devotion as Engine and Gyna and V(a)iraga (unattachments) as Wings .. 

NB.. In a "Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukringekarane"  point of view now please don't tell me whether the Hero Surya as a kind of Engineering Papers Supply Accumulater, in the movie "Varnnam Aayiram" been using that kind of technology .. Maybe we all have to do "Bhaja Govindam" to Praise the Lord of the Lords in many unknown Supply / Dropout situations .. Maybe in situations of danger when asked what to do for the moment (Apadi Kim Karaneeyem) maybe its okay to act as what is said in the 9th Chapter of BhagavadGita to be "No Result Oriented" and probably Goddesses and Idols that's manifested with Resultant Intensities within and without represent THAT .. 

Maybe its okay to have long term  Goals with Minimum Result Orientation and short term activities with "No Result Orientation" in a not very sure of Gloskrutham analogy ..

शुकं नत्वावदन् सर्वे स्वकार्यकुशलाः सुराः । कथासुधां प्रयच्छस्व गृहीत्वैव सुधामिमाम्॥१४॥ 

NGDCs .. Here perhaps Shukan accuses Heavenly Angels as the ones who look after only their own matter and probably adept in a kind of "SwaDharmanushtanam" more  .. (Swakarya Kushala seems to the word used..).. 

Shuka Muni thought Heavenly Angels are trying to steal the Kathamrutham by offering the Amrutha Kumbham in the house of the Devottee in exchange for the Stories .. Following verse talk about the offer done by Heavenly Angels ..

एवं विनिमये जाते सुधा राज्ञा प्रपीयताम् । प्रपास्यामो वयं सर्वे श्रीमद्भागवतामृतम्॥१५॥

NGDCs .. The Heavenly Angels offer the AmrithaKumbhas to the King for not letting the Shukan to talk and allowing the Heavenly Angels to drink those sound of stories to keep them young probably .. 

 क्व सुधा क्व कथा लोके क्व काचः क्व मणिर्महान् । ब्रह्मरातो विचार्यैवं तदा देवान् जहास ह॥१६॥

NGDCs .. Where is a mirror and where is a Precious Stone .. Thus the Heavenly Angels been made fun of there with the estimates of Brahma Dev .. 🤔 ..

 अभक्तांस्तांश्च विज्ञाय न ददौ स कथामृतम्। श्रीमद्भागवती वार्ता सुराणामपि दुर्लभा॥१७॥

NGDCs .. Maybe because Heavenly angels are not devotted ones  and hence the Engine Power of Bhagavatham maynot be there for the Heavenly Angels .. Without Engine Power what could be the use of Wings of Gyna and V(a)iragya could have been also a thought of Shuka Dev when he decided not to give the Kathamritham to Heavenly Angels .. 

 राज्ञो मोक्षं तथा वीक्ष्य पुरा धातापि विस्मितः । सत्यलोके तुलां बद्ध्वातोलयत्साधनान्यजः॥१८॥

 लघून्यन्यानि जातानि गौरवेण इदं महत् । तदा ऋषिगणाः सर्वे विस्मयं परमं ययुः॥१९॥

 मेनिरे भगवद्रूपं शास्त्रं भागवतं कलौ । पठनाच्छ्रवणात्सद्यो वैकुण्ठफलदायकम्॥२०॥

 सप्ताहेन श्रुतं चैतत्सर्वथा मुक्तिदायकम् । सनकाद्यैः पुरा प्रोक्तं नारदाय दयापरैः॥२१॥

NGDCs .. Interesting to notice a point here that its said "SapthaheNa Srutham" .. Interesting also to think why Akhila  Bhagavatha Maha Sathram is organised for about 11 days including the Mahathmya Parayana Day .. 

Maybe the grammar of "Nahi, Nahi Rakshathi Dukringekarane and hence Bhaja Govindam" has more than what meets the eye in BhagVatham .. 🤔 .. 
Praise be to the Lord .. Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya: .. Sarvathra Govinda Nama Sankeerthanam Govinda Govinda ..



Monday, January 1, 2018

NGDCs.. An Interpretation Attempt into BhagaVatha Mahathmyam .. Second Episode ..

शौनक उवाच

अज्ञानध्वान्तविध्वंसकोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ । सूताख्याहि कथासारं मम कर्णरसायनम्॥४॥

भक्तिज्ञानविरागाप्तो विवेको वर्धते महान् । मायामोहनिरासश्च वैष्णवैः क्रियते कथम्॥५॥

NGDCs.. Shaunaka, the seeker seems to be asking here that from "BhakthiGyanaViragam" (Devotion, Gyan and Unattachment) the Special Questioning abilities  (Maybe Vivekam can even be interpreted as Special Questioning Abilities too..) are said to be increasing more .. MaayaMohaNirasacha (By refusing the unreal temptations or by segregating the real from unreal aspirations) people in Vishnu Loka are said to do their activities (Vishnu shabdam is also said to be having a meaning - that which permeates all and everything .. So maybe this also mean people in VishnuLoka can permeate thru all too in a special way .. 🤔 .. meaning of VaiKundha also seems interesting to think about further too.. 😳 .. maybe they are able to understand the sorrows of people , including their's in a special manner / way..)

इह घोरे कलौ प्रायो जीवश्चासुरतां गतः । क्लेशाक्रान्तस्य तस्यैव शोधने किं परायणम्॥६॥

NGDCs .. In the age of Great Anger (Kalou) where you get yourself or people who have gone for Suratham or a kind of mixed and diverse aspirations and having difficulties arising out of that.. and using which way one can understand (do a kind of Shodhana / Enquiry) what is more and better suited for one.. maybe to be lesser fearful of falls into unreal aspirations (Maaya Moham) that one may not actually be needed to have .. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.. thoughtful .. 🤔..  (Para + Ayanam = Parayanam , Here Para also might be having a meaning "The Ultimate"..)

श्रेयसां यद्भवेच्छ्रेयः पावनानां च पावनम् । कृष्णप्राप्तिकरं शश्वत्साधनं तद्वदाधुना॥७॥

चिन्तामणिर्लोकसुखं सुरद्रुः स्वर्गसम्पदम् । प्रयच्छति गुरुः प्रीतो वैकुण्ठं योगिदुर्लभम्॥८॥

NGDCs .. Till this point Shaunaka , the seeker keeps on asking questions to Sootha on What is the best act suitable to be done ie correct to avoid the falls into fake or unreal MaayaMoham aspirations instead of the Real Aspirations for one probably .. (Sootha has also got a meaning Driver..) ..

"VaiKundham" probably also means a kind of Time - Place dimension where the so called "Kundhitham" (or sorrows) ie felt are also Special and Admirable which is said to be even difficult for Yogies to achieve ..

Now Sootha seems to be replying with Preethi (with a kind of good fulfilment of joy perhaps..) ..

सूत उवाच प्रीतिः शौनक चित्ते ते ह्यतो वच्मि विचार्य च । सर्वसिद्धान्तनिष्पन्नं संसारभयनाशनम्॥९॥

NGDCs .. Interesting to notice Sootha seems to be telling a kind of Theory of Theory statement here (Sarva Siddhanta Nishpannam, Samsara Bhaya Nashanam).. Maybe Siddhantham has also got a meaning "End of Siddhies" (siddhi also has a meaning whatever one is able to gain..).. Maybe Theories get formulated when one looses his gains (or whatever Siddhies that one achieved) .. Sarva Siddhanta Nishpannam can also mean a kind of Theory of Theories (Siddhanthangalute Siddhantham..) .. where all theories are made futile, maybe to keep whatever one achieves or wins (maybe as Siddhies)..

Interesting to also notice a point here that even Sankaracharyar in Bhaja GovIndam  states about such a scenario that when one achieves some adorable meter (Vruttham/Theory) (SamPrapthe need not mean death alone) grammar may not save but GovIndan can .. Interesting to also note that the word Gaveshanam (Research) seems to be coming out of the words Govu + Ishanam (Ishanam probably also means dung in CowDung..) .. Maybe this could be the underlying thought in the calls for not to kill cows but to nurture them instead so that at the time when someone gets something really wonderful , it is not lost .. not very sure of such analogies .. but i am just trying some probable alternate interpretations only .. Praise be to the Lord .. 🙏 ..

भक्त्योघवर्धनं यच्च कृष्णसन्तोषहेतुकम् । तदहं तेऽभिधास्यामि सावधानतया शृणु॥१०॥

NGDCs .. Here maybe the Soothan says the seeker Shaunaka that the fun of Black or UnOfficial World (Krishna shabdam also has got a meaning black ..) increases when one starts to listen to them carefully (Savadhan is the word used here for listening) ..

कालव्यालमुखग्रासत्रासनिर्णाशहेतवे । श्रीमद्भागवतं शास्त्रं कलौ कीरेण भाषितम्॥११॥

NGDCs .. In order to escape the Time or maybe even to go younger it is advised to listen to the "BhagVatham" from the mouth of pious people like Shuka Muni .. (Keerenu Bhashitam probably means to listen to the talks from the mouth of a Parrot who do repeated chanting .. Keeram and Shukam both has the meaning Parrot ..) .. Thoughtful to think why Manthras and JapaYogas are said to be done repeatedly .. Maybe listening to the sound energy of pious people has got a kind of ability to transcend time or maybe to reduce the age with some unknown cosmetic acts .. not very sure about such a thougt analogy but seems to be interesting as "Drinking Sound Energy" of pious pdople to transcend time maybe even to become younger is repeatedly brought up in BhagaVatham at multiple points .. at one place even telling sonething like Bhagavatham itself is "ShabdaBrahman" and a means for bringing out the sound energy of pious people for drinking that sound sound energy without any botheration of the meanings of whatever they might speak ..  just to drink the sound energy of pious people to transcend time perhaps ..

With such a concept seen in Bhagavatham at multiple places for the last Bhagavatha Sathram i tried to drink the sound energy and it was interesting to observe when drinking the sound energy of some people Picturesque Environments around even with some beautiful ladies and children too been seen .. Maybe that need not seem rational, but an interesting deduction canbe thought over here that when we listen or drink the words of pious people we may feel that Time flies and might seem us becoming younger at least by heart and when their sound energies are drank picturesque environments too might seem to be appearing around ..

Maybe this can even be a method to evaluate who all could be the really Pious people by looking at the environment around and see whether its picturesque or not while listening or drinking their sound energy .. Need not any fool proof analogy and need not be experienced by all .. yet but .. a thoughtful seeming concept / analogy it seemed in an alternate multiple meaning interpretation of the Shloka to transcend time and look fresh and young oneself .. Don't tell me the good old famous story of Narad on SathSangh and tell that it can even mean faster rebirths again to be young again ..  🤔😳🙏 ..

एतस्मादपरं किञ्चिन्मनःशुद्ध्यै न विद्यते । जन्मान्तरे भवेत्पुण्यं तदा भागवतं लभेत्॥१२॥

NGDCs .. Maybe thus Mind is more purified even without any proper formal dukringekarane Vidya / Grammar Education which can be probably a seed in the DNA that can even be useful in many further evolutions of life .. 🤔 ..

परीक्षिते कथां वक्तुं सभायां संस्थिते शुके । सुधाकुम्भं गृहीत्वैव देवास्तत्र समागमन्॥

NGDCs .. If you test the above mentioned drinking or listening carefully of the sound energy of pious ones in a place / Sabha where the likes of Shuka Rishies (Pious ones who repeatedly talk about the Glories of God perhaps..) are present , Heavenly Angels may arrive there with Heavenly Nector (Amritha Kumbham) even if one is inside his house ..

Sarvathra Govinda Nama Sankerrthanam Govinda, Govinda .. 🙏 ..

NB:- Maybe accepting or not accepting such Amritha Kumbhas (Pots of Heavenly Nector) is another game / act enumerated in BhagVatham perhaps  .. Thoghtful .. 🤔😳🙏 ..

Please note these interpretations need not be always the correct interpretation of these shlokas .. I just tried some thoughts of interpretation in my Butler English Style .. Praise be to the Lord  GovIndan .. 🙏 ..

Om Namo Bhagavathe VasuDevaya:


Saturday, December 30, 2017

NGDCs .. Kathitham Kathanakam .. Interesting perspectives in Bhagavatham ..

[29/12 07:35] GloskruthamJayakrishnan:

 यद्यपि ब्रह्मसंबन्धाच्छ्रुतमेतत्सुरर्षिणा । सप्ताहश्रवणविधिः कुमारैस्तस्य भाषितः॥२२॥ 

शौनक उवाच

 लोकविग्रहमुक्तस्य नारदस्यास्थिरस्य च । विधिश्रवे कुतः प्रीतिः संयोगः कुत्र तैः सह॥२३॥ 

सूत उवाच 

अत्र ते कीर्तयिष्यामि भक्तियुक्तं कथानकम् । शुकेन मम यत्प्रोक्तं रहः शिष्यं विचार्य च॥२४॥

 एकदा हि विशालायां चत्वार ऋषयोऽमलाः । सत्संगार्थं समायाता ददृशुस्तत्र नारदम्॥ २५॥

NGDCs .. Above stated are some verses from Bhagavatha Mahathmyam .. If you try to look at the word meanings of it in one particular way, interesting to note that Soothan, a great scholar and disciple of Sri Shuka seems to be telling the questioner Brahmin Shaunaka, who asked "How to alienate the Fears of Material World (Samsara Bhayam) ?"  that, "When Shuka or the pious ones go on talking, one needs to try and find the "Kathanakam", the inside of the story or the Sound in a devotted manner .. Maybe Vishala Manaskar (Broad Minded ones ) might find one meaning inside any talks around, Chatur ones might find 4 meanings inside and likes of Narad who do the so called Sathsang along with good people may find innumerous meanings from time to time (Samayatha - Samayathinanusarichu (in accordance with time) too probably )..

Maybe the fuelling engine of "BhagVath" flight also seems to be Devotted enquiries and explorations into the unknown inside of talks and stories of SathSang with good people ..

Devotion probably also take a meaning that it could be the prayer posture or could even be the emotional mood of realising the lesser(lowered) ego of one ie felt when one is unaware and unknown of the situations that one gets put up in with like AnoRaneeyan MahathoMaheeyan "Bigger than the Biggest and Smaller than the Smallest" ..

Thoughtful .. 🤔🙏 ..

[29/12 07:36] GloskruthamJayakrishnan:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dialectical Dianetics..

NGDCs .. 🤔 .. In advaita thoughts there need not be any "Anathma" and there could be only "Athma" ie there in this world .. Based on that in a kind of "Vishishtadvaitic" thoughts on "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma" maybe Anathma is also can be an expression of Athma only .. So maybe even in Anger, Bias , Money , Power etc etc too there is Athma or maybe its a kind of "Leela of Athma" .. Maybe like when the "Ajnanam removes Ajnanam" , Jnanam reveals on its own kind of Analogy put up by Shirdi Sai Baba in Sai Sathcharitham .. 

Maybe one's Realization of Athma in everything on own even in Anger, Bias, Jealousy etc etc just like in Satvic Qualities like being Natural etc etc could be an interesting point to think further about too .. 🤔😳✌🙏..

Forwarded Whatsapp video ..